NiagaraMods has partnered with The Kele Companies, including Temperature Control Systems, MIControls, Inc., and Control Consultants, Inc., to bring Reflow to their building automation customers.

The Kele Companies bring together well-established stocking distributors and solutions providers for building automation, HVAC, and process automation. The Kele Companies serve customers in both commercial and industrial markets better and faster—simplifying the supply chain and making life on the job easier.

“We’re excited to partner with NiagaraMods to bring Reflow’s industry leading user experience and outstanding project efficiency gains to our Systems Integrators and their customers. With Reflow, building operators experience enhanced mobile-friendly graphics while Systems Integrators can complete projects much more easily. This is an outstanding product!”

– Bret Dawson, VP, Building Automation | Kele, Inc.

Reflow is a modern user interface builder for Niagara 4. It connects Niagara data to beautiful user interface elements giving users a modern look and feel. With Reflow, you can deliver an immersive experience to every screen your customers use.

We're proud to partner with such a well established, customer-focused group of distributors in The Kele Companies. Over the past months their teams have learned the finer details of the product, from the technical aspects, to licensing and sales. We're confident the Kele teams are well prepared and look forward to a great partnership.

– Zach Overholser, Founder, Creative Director | NiagaraMods