We're thrilled to finally pull back the curtain on our newest offering – the Reflow Partner Program. Conceived for our amazing community of system integrators and their teams, this program is geared to empower and elevate those who've adopted the Reflow platform as an integral part of their workflow and projects.

What's the deal? For a yearly commitment of $2,500, our partners get access to a plethora of incredible perks. And the best part? It's available right now!

Partner Perks

  • Margin Pricing: We're taking a whopping 40% off the list price of Reflow licenses for partners. That means more profit for you on every project. Check out the table at the end of the article to compare partner vs. list pricing.
  • Be the first: Get your hands on our dev builds before anyone else and get spots in our private betas including the upcoming Reflow 2.0 beta. Who doesn't love a sneak peak?
  • Demo Like a Pro: We're throwing in 5 Integrator Demo licenses (a $1,700 value) with the first year of the program – enough for a whole team. On top of that, these and any other demo licenses you purchase automatically renew each year with your membership.
  • Referral Policy: At NiagaraMods, referrals are exclusively for our partners. When someone asks, you're the name we'll share.
  • Ace Your Next Sales Pitch: Make an impression with a hosted, custom, and branded demo for your sales opportunities. Let your brand shine!
  • We've Got Your Back: Prioritized support including greater access to our dev and support teams via screen sharing and voice calls.
  • Join the Conversation: Be a part of our regularly scheduled partner round tables. Whether biannual or quarterly (we're still ironing out the details), these sessions will cover everything from roadmap discussions and brainstorming to feedback sessions.

Dive in

If you're as excited as we are about this opportunity, don't wait! Dive into the Reflow Partner Program and let's make some waves together. We've always believed in the power of partnership, and with this program, we're taking it to a whole new level.

You'll get September free when you sign up for a 2024 Reflow Partner Program membership. The membership renews each year on October 1st, so after October 1st this year, the membership fee gets prorated to the next renewal date.

Reflow Partner Program meberships can be purchased directly from NiagaraMods or from any Reflow distributor. You'll create an organization for your Partner Program membership during checkout if you don't already have one.

Join the Reflow Partner Program today

Price comparison

Partners receive a 40% discount from list on all Reflow licenses along with 5 free integrator demo licenses when they purchase their first year of the program.