Members of the Niagara community build amazing things every day, from innovative views into complex systems to intricate control logic and everything in between. As a community, we pride ourselves on being open – not just with our control systems but in our approach to sharing our knowledge, tips, and tricks with our peers.

At NiagaraMods, we're proud to be a part of the grand collective of talented people that makeup the Niagara community, and today, we want to give back in a big way – we're excited to launch the NiagaraMods Exchange.

The Exchange is a place where integrators, designers, developers, and end-users can share their work freely and openly with the Niagara community.

Today's landscape

For new users, stepping into the Niagara world after certification can be a daunting experience. Finding resources on the web to be inspired with or learn from is difficult and time consuming. If they exist at all, they are often behind closed communities and partner websites that don't show up in search engines.

For Niagara experts, there is no go-to-place to share the mountains of information they've collected over the years in bookmarks, text files, local stations or in their own personal memory banks.

And finally, there's no place to showcase great work and innovation. Integrators' best projects are often (and for good reason) behind private internal systems. This is important for security but it's hard to distinguish yourself from your peers when customers and employers can't see your work.

Time for (Ex)change

We think the Exchange is a great step towards addressing the points above by helping the community find and share great work. We've put tons of time and effort in to making it easy to discover and share content on the Exchange.

In addition to the platform itself, we've published a ton of packages that are available for download starting today – graphic assets like the SVG Arrow Pack and SVG Callouts, control logic including a Supply Air Static Reset, PX graphic templates, and new modules like Domo which lets you customize the Niagara login.

We hope that you are able to take advantage of these free resources the next time you create something amazing in Niagara and we encourage you to follow our lead by sharing your own content with the community on the Exchange.

We plan on continuing in our mission to make integrators insanely productive by adding more content to the Exchange on a regular basis.