It’s a huge day for the NiagaraMods team – we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with VYKON by Tridium to be the exclusive Reflow distributor!

Our mission at NiagaraMods has always been about empowering system integrators to do great work and we can’t think of a group of people more closely aligned with that philosophy than the VYKON team at Tridium. We couldn’t be more proud to work with these amazing folks and help deliver Reflow’s captivating user experience across the entire VYKON channel.

What does NiagaraMods + VYKON equal for you?

  • Free Licenses! As of today, all VYKON Office Demo Host IDs come equipped with a Reflow integrator demo license out of the box. Learn how to use Reflow and build customer demos with an unlimited version at no additional cost.*
  • Add Reflow when you purchase Niagara products. You can add Reflow to any VYKON JACE or Supervisor, just like every other feature, when you order from your distributor.
  • Licenses all in one spot. Purchasing Reflow through VYKON includes it in your host’s Niagara license file, so there's no need to synchronize with NiagaraMods separately.
  • Additional benefits and flexibility. Talk to your VYKON distributor about pricing and additional support options that may be available.

If you’re not in the VYKON ecosystem, don’t worry – nothing changes. You can still get Reflow directly through NiagaraMods, receive new product updates the moment they launch, and you can expect the same top-notch access and support you’ve always gotten from our team.

Hear what VYKON has to say about our partnership

The VYKON team has been working closely with NiagaraMods for the past year to bring the Reflow offering to our partners. We are very excited to finally announce this exclusive agreement!

VYKON Integrators now have a streamlined, intuitive utility to create next-level user experiences for their clients while saving time and offering the most competitive Niagara-based solutions on the market.

The buzz around this effort and the demand for Reflow’s revolutionary UI have been tremendous. Innovation and ingenuity are what the VYKON channel is all about, and we anticipate great results from putting this outstanding toolset into the hands of the best in the business!

— Nathan Kehr, VYKON Sales Director

What's next

We have some great features queued up for our June release. Moving forward we’ll be working in partnership with VYKON to deliver new features, expand Reflow’s footprint, and provide even more value to customers through sales, technical, and marketing support.

Common Questions

You'll find answers to common questions you may have below. If you've got one that isn't covered, please reach out to us.

When will Reflow be available through VYKON?
Reflow can be purchased from your VYKON System Distributor starting today. Your organization's office demo licenses have already been updated in the Niagara licensing system but you may have to download the latest version and install it on your station.

Do I have to be a VYKON partner to use Reflow?
No. We remain committed to supporting all flavors of Niagara 4 with Reflow. You'll always be able to buy and download directly from us.

Can I still get Reflow from NiagaraMods?
Yes. While VYKON is our exclusive distribution partner, you can always download and purchase directly on our site. If you're a VYKON partner, check with your distributor first as you may receive additional benefits by going through them.

Who do I contact for Reflow support?
The NiagaraMods team is still your first line of support for Reflow. Your distributor may offer additional support options, contact them for details.

I'm interested in buying Reflow through VYKON. How do I get started?
Talk with your VYKON distributor. If you need help finding one, visit

What happens to my existing licenses?
Nothing is changing with the existing NiagaraMods license system, any licenses you've purchased will always be managed there.

If you purchase new licenses as a VYKON partner, they will be added to your license manager on Niagara Central in the same way as other products you purchase from VYKON.

* VYKON licenses require Reflow version 1.4 or later. For office demo licenses, you may need to download a fresh license file from Niagara Central before the Reflow feature is active on your host.